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Jean Marie BOMY - CFPIM - CSCP,

Mechanical Engineer, MBA, Jean Marie is a free lance consultant – under the acronym "CFGI / Logilité" – since 1985, acting mainly in the fields of production performance improvement.
Before starting this activity, he was Materials Manager in a pulp - paper mill in central Africa.
In the late 80's he participates to the first implementation of JIT & Kanban system in French automotive industry.
He got the CPIM certification in 1990 and the fellowship (CFPIM) in 1994; the CSCP certification in 2010.
He his recognized as an international Expert in Industrial Management, dealing with Production & Supply Chain Management.
He has commitments in many types of industrial activities – experience with about 150 companies, 10 countries – in the various links of the Supply Chain and acts for global improvement of the materials flow effectiveness.
He has been teacher of "Production & Logistics Strategy" at Institut Français de Gestion.
He is currently teaching Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Strategy at Institut Supérieur de Logistique Industrielle - Paris.
He has been approved to participate in the APICS Instructor Development Program at the following levels:
- Associate, CPIM
- Associate, CSCP

He is an Authorized Education Provider by APICS since early 2009.

He was a speaker at SAPICS Conference early june 2012 in Sun City/JOHANNESBURG S.A.. The title of his presentation : Simple solutions for complex situations (Kanban & SAP)

He attended to the SAPICS Conference at the end of july, 2010 in Sun City/JOHANNESBURG S.A. and to the APICS Conference in Las Vegas by mid october, 2010.

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